Our Philosophy

The cornerstone of Guardian’s corporate philosophy is to
“Make Communications Easy, Safe and Reliable".

Making the most of our unique assets, and we are committed to providing the best products and services that enhance and optimize our customers’ performance.

We focus on:




Guardian PhilosophyOur people thrive on the challenge to excel in any environment. We are dedicated on designing, manufacturing and providing the most reliable, safe and hazardous proof products for our customers. Our commitment to technology and quality is the basis for our competitive advantage, and our customer service is our greatest strength.

We begin working everyday committed to manufacturing and distributing the best safety telecommunications equipment and additional enhanced ruggedized product lines to our customers, and ensuring the safety of others. Our determination to produce superior profits is the platform for our future independence of action and growth.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards and emphasize the importance of integrity in all we do. We believe that ethical standards are essential to the growth, health and long-term sustainability of our company and our customers.

Where can you see our products?

Our rugged equipment is found in every corner of the world. Our market has reached into over 60 countries worldwide, residing in power plants in the hot dessert sun to drilling platforms battling arctic temperatures, and high vibrations within manufacturing plants, or extreme environmental conditions on a marine drilling platform. We reach into nuclear facilities, thermal and hydro plants, and into mining excavations. Our equipment and systems are manufactured for transportation facilities, tunnels, highways, rail systems and airports. Our rugged equipment is located in petrochemical plants, chemical plants, hazardous and biohazardous plants, refineries, pipelines, oil rigs, water tanks and oil tanks. Our products are placed in pharmaceutical plants, grain, and food processing plants.

Philo-10_200x440px_72ppiOur extensive product line is a common trademark in the public safety and security sector which includes city (police and fire stations), state and federal government facilities. Our rugged correctional phones are used in state and federal prisons. A wide variety of Guardian Telecom’s safety and rugged equipment is distributed throughout various state and federal institutions including college and university campuses worldwide.

Our products are utilized in the travel and entertainment industry such as hotels, resorts, theme parks, baseball and football stadiums, golf courses, the movie and production industry entertainment arenas, and on travel cruise liners. We are found on port entries, port of authority locations and shipping yards. Outdoor gateway entrances, border crossings or high-end security gated facilities, fenced-in areas, our equipment will withstand the most severe conditions. Top military units such as the Marines, Navy, Army, and intelligence agencies acquire our ruggedized equipment to be used in ships, buildings, tankers and war zones. Ranging from NASA using Guardian Telecom’s harsh and certified equipment throughout its testing and launch facilities to corporate and commercial day-to-day work environment.

Wherever you go, our ruggedized and highly certified equipment is there to help ensure safety, security and reliability for our customers. We are the leading brand name manufacturer for durability, strength, power, security and reliability. We will continue to help our customers stay connected and protected.