Existing Product Modification

There are times when Guardian’s extensive line of telephone products won’t quite fit your needs. Our product line has a unit that is close to what you want but you need some alterations to make it work for your organization. You want to present your corporate branding visually using color or graphics, want to add parts or features, want to add safety messages using decals, silk screening or change housings.


Organizations might want to have a product manufactured in corporate colors for brand awareness, in a custom color to have equipment stand out clearly in an emergency situation, or as a source of school, institution or corporate pride.

Guardian has experience fabricating housings, cords, handsets and other parts in a wide variety of colors from blues, oranges, greens, reds, black and many more. We work closely with both our suppliers and customers to select colors that are as close to a specified swatch and can be attained in the manufacturing process.

Graphics and Labels

Apply your organization’s branding, include additional languages, highlight important messages, instructions or equipment function using custom graphics, symbols, embossing, labels and decals.

Add instructions in a desired language.
Reflective tape identifies emergency communications equipment during low light situations.
Custom labels identify the functionality of the equipment.

Parts and Features

Custom design might include adding parts or features to models that don’t normally include them or removing them to put limitations on an existing model. For example, you might want to upgrade to a noise canceling microphone for greater control in noisy environments or change the length of a cord to either increase or decrease reach. One of our customers requested a phone with a mechanical hook switch in place of our electronic reed switch version.

Housings & Enclosures

There may be a need to create an enclosure to house existing hardware that offers the features that meet your needs for size and shape.

A major US University was interested in one of our existing models that met all of their needs except for the physical measurements. They required a phone that met ADA (American Disabilities Act) requirements limiting the distance that an item could project from a wall. At the same time they wanted the unit to be aesthetically pleasing and complement their decor.

Working closely with them, we designed new housings including a wall mount and a recessed model that met their needs. Further market analysis lead to the development of our IS/IR series of Institutional Telephones.

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