When one of our existing products can’t be modified to meet your needs, developing a new product from the ground up just might be the answer.

Guardian Telecom has built a solid reputation for responding to the specific needs of customers with new designs and not trying to shoehorn solutions with existing products.

We have designed and manufactured new telephone and paging products for LRT platforms, subway stations and tunnels, drive-thrus, airport kiosks, universities, refineries in Saudi Arabia and many other demanding environments. Our SCT series of steel compact telephones evolved from a request from Potash Mines in Saskatchewan. Our CIT series of phones were developed based on a request from Ontario Justice.

Guardian was engaged to create an intercom system to alleviate drive-thru line ups and the need for an onsite operator at each location.
Guardian Telecom’s team of representatives, distributors, corporate sales, designers, and technicians are all dedicated to working closely with our customers to provide them with the best solutions possible.

Guardian’s qualified process team’s mission and commitment is centered on meeting and exceeding customer expectations for the manufacturing of quality products. This team is positioned to provide services ranging from prototyping, through to full assembly and procurement.

Our approach has been to establish a close working relationship and open dialog throughout the conceptual, design and manufacturing processes. Important considerations include the client’s objectives, the environmental factors they will encounter, regulations, materials, supply, resources, budgets, timelines and risks.

Whether it is straight forward or complex the introduction of a new product requires a substantial investment of time, effort and resources from the client and the Guardian Telecom team. We are fully committed to ensuring that if you choose to have a new product developed, we will deliver a beneficial and effective solution.

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