Guardian Telecom’s AB-1000 GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) Acoustic Booth is easy to clean and low maintenance. The standard yellow color and telephone markings are highly visible. Four models provide noise attenuation levels from 8 dB up to 25 dB.

Each acoustic booth can be fitted with accessories including strobe lights, sounders, and the SR40/60 explosion proof speaker/ringer, speaker or ringer.

The sound proofing qualities of Guardian Telecom’s Acoustic Booths greatly enhance communication in areas with high background noise levels, while protecting the apparatus and user from the elements.

Product Features

  • Durable shell – lightweight reinforced laminate-fiberglass construction
  • Noise Attenuation up to -25 dB depending on interior liner type
  • Standard color – Yellow
  • Optional colors available upon request1 
  • Completely maintenance free, UV and corrosion resistant, impervious to chemical attack
  • Convenient writing shelf with drainage hubs to prevent water accumulation
  • Encapsulated strong points to securely mount stations and accessories
  • Can be used indoors, outdoors and offshore
  • Four models to select from:
    • AB-1000 – Order number: P9035
      • Perforated stainless steel liner over acoustic insulation, highly durable & vandal resistant
      • Noise attenuation -23 db
    • AB-1000 – Order number: P9037
      • Urethane Coated Interior
      • Noise attenuation -11db
    • AB-1000 – Order number: P9038
      • No liner
      • Noise attenuation -8 db
    • AB-1000 – Order number: P9039
      • High performance polyurethane acoustic liner, resistant to mildew and rot. Fire retardant
      • Noise attenuation -25 dB1

1 Minimum quantities or premiums may apply. For details on custom options contact a Guardian Telecom sales representative. 

Telephones & accessories are sold separately

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