Guardian Telecom’s Alarm Interface Manager (AIM) is a key component of the In2iT System Control Frame (SCF). The AIM Manager provides continuous monitoring of alarm or other device inputs and reports triggers to the SCF for alarm or message broadcast. The AIM can also be used to control external devices (sounders, beacons, door strikes, etc.). Armed with a multitude of configurable inputs and outputs the Alarm Interface Manager is designed to meet any I/O strategy thrown at it.

Alarm priorities are securely configured via the System Configuration Application from the Operator Access Panel. This allows maximum flexibility in how inputs are processed but, more importantly, this allows the system to be reconfigured without the need to re-wire at the Main Distribution Frame.

The AIM features a fully redundant internal core and can be easily expanded. With built in A/B redundancy if the primary monitor should fail, the secondary internal monitor will take over. Monitoring of the system is real time continuously cycled eliminating the need to schedule manual maintenance.




Standards Compliance


Electrical Safety (Low Voltage): 60950 CE

Product Features

  • Single or dual modules
  • Front display for status visual monitoring / diagnostics
  • Automatic A+B redundancy with 2 module unit
  • Real time monitoring and reporting on alarm(s) or other devices
  • 24 Dry contact inputs (latched or momentary)
  • 8 Wet contact inputs (opto isolated)
  • 8 Dry contact outputs rated to 2.5A (user configurable*)
  • 4 Wet contact outputs rated 24V @ 150mA (user configurable*)
  • Optional module provides logic coversion for all 32 inputs
  • Self-diagnostic and monitoring of internal circuits
  • Hot swappable modules
  • Small 1U rack sizing

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