CIR- 41


Guardian’s CIR-41 Correctional Institute ringdown analog telephone with reduced length armored handset cord is highly rugged and durable.

Lift the handset and PBX programming or an optional Auto Dialer routes the call to its assigned location.

CIR-41 ringdown telephones are designed to provide safe reliable communication in locations prone to abuse and vandalism.

The rugged nature of CIT and CIR Correctional Institute telephones reduces overall costs to the Correctional Facilities as they are not constantly repairing or replacing these telephones in hostile environments.

Product Features

  • Direct dial ringdown telephone calls to an assigned location
  • Reduced handset cord length
  • Armored handset cord withstands vandalism and severe use
  • Faceplate secured with vandal resistant screws
  • High impact ABS handset with lock on caps
  • 16 AWG steel, zinc dichromate plated and powder coated
  • Rust and corrosion resistant stainless steel hardware
  • Surge arrestor and fuse prevents damage to the electronic circuits in the event of a high voltage spike on the phone line
  • Noise reducing microphone aids in clarity of transmission in noisy areas
  • Factory set to tone (DTMF) dialing
  • Pulse dialing can be ordered or configured in the field
  • Temperature range -76° to +176°F (-60° to +80°C)
  • Hearing aid compatible with inductively coupled hearing-aid devices
  • Order number: P6978


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