Guardian Telecom’s Fiber Interface Manager (FIM) is ideal for extending paging/alarm and talk lines from the In2iT and legacy Page/Talk systems over fiber to reduce long distance copper infrastructure between sites. The FIM converts Page/Talk signals (audio and data) into a digital format that can be transmitted via an SFP device module.

The FIM is offered in two form factors. A multi-zone rackmount chassis unit and a single zone module. The receiving unit can be wall, shelf or rack mounted.

The FIM is designed so that each module supports a complete broadcast zone that consists of five talk channels, a page channel, and a data port. The outputs are designed to directly interface without additional line balancing or audio conditioning.

Alarm priorities are securely configured via the System Configuration Application from the Operator Access Panel. This allows maximum flexibility in how inputs are processed but, more importantly, this allows the system to be reconfigured without the need to re-wire at the Main Distribution Frame.

The AIM features a fully redundant internal core and can be easily expanded. With built in A/B redundancy if the primary monitor should fail, the secondary internal monitor will take over. Monitoring of the system is real time continuously cycled eliminating the need to schedule manual maintenance.




Standards Compliance


Electrical Safety: 60950 CE

Product Features

  • Continuous independent health monitoring of the modules
  • Redundant power supplies
  • SFP receiving cage – maximizes installation flexibility for supported modules
  • Modular design can support one to twelve zones per chassis. Additional 12 per each chassis added to system
  • Anti-howl and echo cancelling system
  • Comprehensive front panel diagnostic display indicators
  • Field upgradeable and modules can be hot swapped if necessary
  • Cable management support system
  • Receiving station can be shelf, wall and with adapter, rack mounted
  • Plug and play design
  • Backward compatiable with Guardian Telecom’s legacy Page/Talk system*

* Equipment is designed for use in Guardian Telecom’s In2it Page/Talk Communications systems and is backwards compatible for use with the original Page/Talk System. The Headend Chassis must be paired with a minimum of one Endpoint Unit.

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