HDE-10 (Discontinued)


Guardian’s HDE-10 Emergency analog telephone is a wall mountable unit with a single emergency call button and a primary relay which is standard to all HDE models.

Guardian’s HDE Series telephones are intended for use in public areas where direct assistance or hands-free communication is required.

HDE telephones provide a two-way link to assistance through analog, half-duplex telephone transmission. A call may be initiated from the telephone or from the monitoring station.

HDE telephones may be programmed to autodial two numbers or to ringdown through a PABX. These phones also provide the capability of monitoring the status of each unit from a remote location, informing personnel of a malfunction.





Standards Compliance

Industry Canada – 1012A-601B

Hearing-aid Compatible Equipment
Telephone Receiver Volume Control
Registration 1012A-601B

Product Features

Push-to-Call Button – depress once automatically rings designated number(s) to summon help
LED – provides visual confirmation connection has been made
Speaker – hands free operation
Remote programming – allows you to manage your emergency network from a central location
Durable enclosure with powder coated finish is rust resistant
Wall mount installation
Telephone line powered for basic operation and does not require external power
Surge arrestor to prevent voltage spike damage
Self resetting fuse to protect from line surges
Control Relays – primary relay standard on all models
Optional ADA (American Disability Act) compliant label HELP
Order number: P6974

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