Guardian Telecom’s MFT-30N Notched Analog Telephone Panel Insert with metal keypad and curly handset cord has been designed to replace the electronic components in older models of Northern Telecom weatherproof telephone sets with locking enclosures that are already installed in field locations.

For non-locking enclosures see the MFT-30.

Standards Compliance


Grant of FCC Equipment Certification
Certification Under CFR 47 Part 68 – Connection of Terminal Equipment to the telephone network. Subject to the provisions of Part 68 of the FCC Rules and Regulations. Certification is Hereby Granted for the equipment listed herein. Any change in model number or trade name requires amendment of certification. Each piece of equipment bearing the listed trade name(s) and model number(s) shall be labeled in accordance with the provisions of Section TSB168. FCC TCB Certificate HQHCAN-22517-TE-E

Industry Canada TAC – 1012 6721 A

Specification CS03 Issue Edition: 7 & 8 Technical Acceptance Certificate 1012 6721 A

Product Features

  • Replaces inserts in Northern Telecom Weatherproof telephone sets with locking enclosures
  • Notched edge
  • Metal keypad for extended life
  • Curly handset cord
  • Magnetic reed hook switch to reduce parts subject to wear
  • Encapsulated circuitry impervious to water and dust
  • Simple field installation
  • Waterproof connections & stainless steel fittings for longer life
  • Fits standard enclosures
  • Order number: P5430
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