The In2iT Operator Access Panel (OAP) is the software platform to monitor, control, alarm and configure the Guardian Telecom In2iT In-Plant Communications Platform (PAGA & Page/Talk Systems).

The Operator Access Panel monitors voice and data between the system control and the end points. The OAP operates autonomously providing status updates and notifications to the user, once set up and configured. Designed for future expandability, with ongoing support and reliability.



Product Features

  • Windows based
  • Communicates via standard network protocols
  • Secured login provides two modes of operation: operator and administrator.
  • Easy to use interface provides an intuitive smooth operation
  • Remote monitoring of health statuses with control features for the system head-end and system endpoints
  • Configuration via administrator mode makes system changes simple and eliminates the need for wring changes
  • On screen and remote alerts available


The following operation and administrative controls are available:

   Operator Level

  • Monitor
    • System Control Frame
    • System Zone Manager
    • Alarm Interface Manager
    • Fiber Interface Manager
    • Endpoints (handset stations, speakers, beacons)
  • Alarming
    • System Control Frame
  • Devices
    • Handset Stations
    • Speakers
    • Beacon

Administrative Level

  • Configuration
    • User Setup
    • System Zoning and Alarming Configuration
    • Device Configuration
  • Notifications
    • On screen and email messages
  • Control
    • All operator levels
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