The P-B-406(T) is a 6W, low profile, plastic, wall mounted, cabinet loudspeaker. Ideal for public address and background music applications including waiting rooms, offices and educational institutions.

To meet your requirements that fall outside of hazardous rated areas, Guardian Telecom offers a wide variety of General Area, indoor/outdoor exterior Speakers & Ringers. From metal to plastic and horn to ceiling styles.

Guardian Telecom manufactures supplies and distributes a wide selection of Explosion Proof, Hazardous Area, ATEX-IEC and General Area Ringers and loudspeakers from leading manufacturers around the world to meet the unique demands of Industrial Communication projects.

Guardian’s represents DNH, E2S, Federal Signal, MEDC and TOA, and has access to an extensive range of other world class leading manufacturers.

Guardian trained and qualified personnel work with customers to specify individual product or total project solutions and make informed purchasing decisions based on budget, technology, applications and relevant standards.



Standards Compliance


A product complies with essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislation, in practice by many of the so-called Product Directives.

Allows for free trade between member states including EFTA & European Union (EU) single market.

GOST RU C-NO.MJI02.B.00125

RU C-NO.MJI02.B.00125
Series Hazardous

Visit manufacturer’s website or contact manufacturer for details.

NS-EN ISO 9001:2015

DNH A/S Den Norske Høyttalerfabrikk A/S Kragerø, Norway has implemented and maintains a Quality Management System which fulfills Nemko’s provisions for Management System Certification and the requirements of the following standard NS-EN ISO 9001:2015.

The certificate covers the following activities:
Design/development, purchase, production and marketing of Loudspeakers, Beacons and Junction Boxes – including versions for hazardous locations (Ex).

Visit manufacturer’s website or contact manufacturer for details.

Russian Fire Certificate С-№.ПБ34.В.00542

Russian Fire Certificate

Visit manufacturer’s website or contact manufacturer for details.

Product Features

  • Manufactured by DNH
  • Ceiling speaker
  • 6 W
  • ABS / Light grey
  • Wide-dispersion: 180° (1-4k Hz average)
  • Smooth off-axis coverage
  • 70/100 Volt combined transformer:

Primary connections:

White : Green   70 Volt line

White : Red   100 Volt line

Secondary nominal tappings:

C : 6      6.0 W

C : 3      3.0 W

C : 1.5    2.0 W

C : 0.5    0.5 W

  • 8 ohm version available
  • Rated / maximum power 6 W / 8 W
  • SPL 1W/1m 92 dB
  • SPL rated power 98 dB
  • Effective frequency range 230 – 20000 Hz
  • Dispersion (-6dB) 1kHz / 4kHz 170° / 50°
  • Operating temperature -4°F to +194°F (-20°C to +90°C)
  • Order number: P-B-406(T)
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