Guardian Telecom’s PTTI Page/Talk Telephone Interface, rack mount enclosure, is designed to connect a Page/Talk system to public or private telephone system in industrial environments.

The PTTI Telephone Interface permits incoming calls from a public or private telephone system to access a Page/Talk System; allowing paging access as well as full-duplex talk line communication.

This effectively expands your communications abilities across the Page/Talk stations in the harsh environments and the normal telephones in other environments such as offices.

The interface provides four different modes of access for each of the day and night configurations. The selection of day/night mode and the release and link functions are controlled by on-board or remote switches.

Outgoing calls from the Page/Talk system to the telephone system may be made with the assistance of an operator that has access to the switch inputs.

Product Features

  • Rack or wall mount enclosure models
  • Dust & corrosion resistant – full gasket faceplate
  • Four different access modes:
  • VOICE ACCESS: provides automated access for incoming calls and allows the caller to page directly over the speakers and then switches to the designated talk line for conversation.
  • RING ACCESS: provides automated access by broadcasting a ring signal on the speakers and switching to the designated talk line when a handset on the Page/Talk system is lifted.
  • SELECTIVE ACCESS: requires the calling party to know the ID number, therefore adding a level of security to the Page/Talk system. Once the correct ID is accepted, the calling party can select either voice or ringing access to the system.
  • MANUAL ACCESS: requires operator intervention to either answer an incoming call or place an outgoing call and then manually linking the call to the Page/Talk system.
  • Order number: P5941
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