Ring Detect Relays

Ring Detect Relays

Guardian Telecom’s Ring Detect Relays respond to 40 – 155VAC, 20 – 25Hz telephone ringing voltage. They can be utilized to activate strobe lights, loud ringers or other signaling devices, to complement or replace ringers built into associated telephones.

Relays are available as a module to fit into customer’s equipment, or they can be enclosed in weatherproof or explosion-proof housings.

Guardian Telecom Telephone Enclosures & Accessories are designed with the versatility to enhance or replace components or workings.

Product Features

  • All relays are encapsulated in polyester epoxy resin
  • Maintaining safety standards may require use of special wiring conduits or other considerations
  • Weather Proof and Explosion Proof enclosures available
  • Five Ring Detect Relay Models to select from:
    • Ring Detect Relay – Order number: P7224
    • Ring Detect Relay/Weather Proof Enclosure – Order number: P7225
    • Ring Detect Relay/Explosion Proof Enclosure – Order number: P7226
    • Ring Detect Relay/Three Hole Explosion Proof Enclosure – Order number: P7234
    • Ring Detect Relay/Low Ring Signal – Order number: P7252
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