The System Control Frame (SCF) is the heart of Guardian Telecom’s In2iT In-Plant Communications Platform. Working in conjunction with the Operator Access Panel, the SCF manages and routes all audio and data signals between the end points and users. It operates autonomously or in conjunction with other SCF sub-stations. Designed for future expandability, with ongoing support and reliability.

The SCF is flexible and incorporates all the required modules as needed for each custom application. A standardized distribution frame is incorporated for consistent and reliable connections to the facility cabling architecture.





Standards Compliance


Safety: 60950

Enclosure Ingress Protection: IP-54

Nema Protection Category: NEMA 12

IK Code (applies to non-glass surfaces): IK09

CSA (”C” and “US”) Certificate 1259267

Product Features

  • SCF controller continually monitors hardware, providing real time diagnostic status and eliminating the need for staged system wide testing
  • Remote management and diagnostics supported
  • Has integrated standardized Main Distribution Frame
  • System rack has integrated monitored cooling system
  • Real time measurement of internal rack at 5 strategic points
  • Supports A+B & N+1 Automated Redundancy for all modules
  • Can be linked to additional sub-stations via hardwire or by incorporating fiber optic cabling for ultra large systems or on-shore / off-shore applications
  • Supports all Guardian Telecom In2iT modules as required for the following:
  • Alarm interface monitor
  • Inter-communications and paging zone management
  • Central paging amplifiers with N+1 management hardware
  • Dial in remote communications
  • UPS power management
  • Includes operator access panel license*
  • System operates independently of console for security and reliability
  • Supports legacy page/talk or page/party wiring infrastructure**
  • Can be supplied in both closed frame and open frame standard racks
  • Wide range power input: 90VAC – 250VAC

* Refer to Guardian datasheet on Operator Access Panel feature and benefits.

** Contact Guardian for review and compatibility of existing wiring.

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