Guardian Telecom’s Hybrid PAGA/Page Talk System Control Frame (SCF) includes the System Zone Manager (SZM) to provide the key service of routing the page and talk conference lines within the facility zones.

The SZM is the audio hub of the system. The SZM features a modular design, and each chassis comes with dual redundant power supplies and supports up to 12 zone module cards. The zone modules have an independent micro-controller embedded and provide continuous self-health monitoring and communication to the SCF Servers. Each Module card will manage 5 Conference talk lines and the page line. If more than 12 zones are required, the total number of zones can be expanded by adding additional SZM Chassis.

Product Features

  • Real time continuous self-monitoring of internal systems health
  • Management of audio routing between zones (traditionally merge/isolate)
  • Modular design for ease of expandability
  • Modules are hot swappable
  • Dual A+B redundant power supplies – standard
  • Each zone module card supports 5 talk lines and the page line
  • Visual diagnostic indicators
  • Each chassis supports up to 12 zones
  • Designed to fail “SAFE” – will auto merge all on power loss so page/alarm is possible
  • Integrated line balancing to eliminate noise as system configuration changes
  • Wide range power input: 90VAC – 250VAC
  • Standard rack mount configuration – 3U
  • Easy carry handles included
  • Page management includes the following features: Page => Alarm Override and Alarm => Page Override

Configuration & Controls

  • Managed via the SCF server and user configurable operations
  • Controlled via Operator Access Panel (OAP) graphical user interface
  • User configurable parameters for page and talk routing
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