Guardian Telecom’s ALD Automatic Line Disconnect device is a designed to enhance the operation of any telephone or Page/Talk Interface (PTTI), in certain circumstances.

The ALD will accurately disconnect hands free Guardian products including the HDE-12 Emergency Telephone.

Guardian Telecom Telephone Enclosures & Accessories are designed with the versatility to enhance or replace components or workings.

Product Features

Some telephone networks do not send out a disconnect signal but only generate a series of tones to alert the user that the communication device has not been returned to an on-hook condition.

The disconnect signal expected by most telephone like apparatus is a one second drop in the loop voltage to near zero. If this signal is not received the apparatus will remain off-hook, unless it times out or the user takes some action such as replacing the handset.

The ALD is installed between the device and the CO or PABX for the purpose of detecting the tone signal and sending out the one second voltage drop in loop current that the device will recognize as a disconnect signal.

Call Progress Tones vary from country to country therefore the ALD can be configured to obtain the correct settings.

Order number: P8100