Guardian Telecom’s DTT-20-H Hazardous Area Indoor Industrial Desk/Wall analog telephone with membrane keypad and curly handset cord meets the requirements for use in Class I, Division 2 areas.

The DTT-20-H is non-incendive, rugged and dust & corrosion resistant. 

It can be configured for either desktop use or wall installation.

Product Features

  • One piece, water resistant membrane keypad
  • Heavy duty handset and curly cord
  • Magnetic reed hook switch with no moving parts for extended life
  • Encapsulated circuit boards are impervious to water, tropical humidity and mine condensation
  • Kydex 100® plastic faceplate is 94V-0 fire retarding, durable,impact resistant and easy to clean
  • Rotating the base allows the phone to be wall mounted
  • Electret noise reducing microphone
  • Volume adjustment and muting
  • Ten-number memory, redial and recall
  • Order Number: P6570