Guardian Telecom EXP-TBA Explosion Proof Talk/Back Stations provide easy to operate paging with the versatility of a hands free slave speaker in Class I & Class II, Division 1 Hazardous Areas.

The EXP-TBA delivers reliable point-to-point communication in harsh, industrial environments such as on drilling rigs between drill floor and monkey board or anywhere where hands free communication is required from slave operator end.

The EXP-TBA has total system flexibility in order to adapt to station location, with the use of either internal microphone & faceplate PTT switch or master speaker as microphone & remote PTT switch.

A post announcement tone can be programmed (internal) to indicate end of page from master station to the slave speaker. An optional switch can be wired at the slave speaker to activate a ring signal at the master station to request communication.

Product Features

  • Easy master/slave operation
  • Only one station required for master/slave communication, reducing costs
  • Internal microphone or option to use master speaker as microphone, providing flexibility
  • Push-to-Talk (PTT) switch on faceplate
  • Option for remote hand/foot Push-to-Page switch
  • Post announcement tone from master to slave option
  • Slave operator ring tone to master station option
  • Attenuation of master speaker when paging to prevent feedback
  • External programming, eliminating need to declassify area when making changes
  • 24V AC/DC, 120/230VAC powered (For details contact a Guardian Telecom representative)
  • Water/dust tight NEMA 4X (IP66) explosion proof enclosure
  • Order number: P5986


  • Separate master and slave speaker volume controls on faceplate
    Internal master microphone, talk/back gain and speaker controls
  • Internal ring tone volume control
  • External programming method for easy switching of slave operations