16 Conductor Cable

Guardian Telecom’s Heavy Duty 16 Conductor Armored Cable (P005366) for multi line Page/Talk stations can be installed in non-hazardous areas.

Guardian’s goal is to be responsive to the requirements of our customers and supply quality cable products that will provide lasting dependable service.

Contact Guardian Telecom if the cable your project requires isn’t listed on this website or you require more information.

1-800-363-8010 (North America)

Product Features

  • Heavy Duty 16 Conductor Armored Cable for multi line Page/Talk stations
  • Armored System Cable can be installed in Class I, Division 1 & 2 and Class II, Division 1 & 2 hazardous areas when used with approved connectors
  • CSA and UL approved electronic and electrical cables optimize Guardian Telecom’s communication systems performance
  • Guardian Telecom’s System Cable is specially manufactured to our specifications and designed to make installation of communication systems both simple and cost-effective
  • Available in numerous configurations suitable for speaker wiring, Page/Talk systems, conducting power and many other communication requirements
  • All System Cable is available in standard or heavy duty armored jacket
  • Guardian’s System Cable is compatible with similar equipment provided by most manufactures
  • Cable colors and language marking options are available
  • Manufactured in ISO-9001-2008 certified facilities
  • Order number: P005366