Guardian Telecom’s PPA Page Station Amplifier Replacement Modules are designed to deliver a safe, reliable, and cost effective solution for industries that require additions, repairs or replacements to their existing ‘Page/Party®‘ or Third-Party modules, communication and other unitized audio systems.

Direct compatibility with both single and multi-line third-party page stations, allows end users to protect their original system investment by replacing failed or aged units on the fly without even having to power down the entire communication system.

In addition to Amplifier & Handset Amplifier Page Station replacement modules, complete Guardian Page/Talk stations can be implemented into current expanding third-party systems, offering clients continued usage of present systems while benefiting from Guardian Telecom’s Page/Talk station features and quality.

†Page/Party® is a registered Trademark of GAI-Tronics® Corporation. Any reference to GAI-Tronics® does not imply their endorsement of Guardian Telecom products.

Product Features

  • Compatible with both single or multi-line Page/Party® and other Third-Party Page systems
  • 16 or 24 pin adapter harness
  • Power supply 24 VDC or 24/120/230 VAC (specify when placing order)
  • Corrosion protected and powder coated faceplate
  • Captive screws for ease of installation
  • Ambient noise sensor, monitors and adjusts speaker volume automatically (models P5512, P5514 & P5515)
  • Service temperature range:
  • Six models to select from
    • PPA – Amplifier module, ambient noise sensor on faceplate, 16 pin harness – Order number: P5512
    • PPA – Amplifier module, 16 pin harness – Order number: P5513
    • PPA – Amplifier module, ambient noise sensor on faceplate, 24 pin harness – Order number: P5514
    • PPA – Amplifier module, ambient noise sensor on faceplate, reed switch kit, 24 pin harness – Order number: P5515
    • PPA – Amplifier module, desk connector harness, 24 pin harness – Order number: P5516
    • PPA – Amplifier module, reed switch kit, desk connector harness, 24 pin harness – Order number: P5517


  • Speaker volume output (adjustable from front panel)
  • Ambient noise level sensor (optional)