By listening closely and responding to your needs, Guardian Telecom has constantly upgraded the capabilities of our telephones and systems or has develop new solutions.

Guardian Telecom has developed a new modular IP Page/Talk, PAGA, intercom system that has replaced our existing Page/Talk, Talk/Back & PA/GA systems. Guardian Telecom’s new In2iT In-Plant Communications System(s) was designed using a forward-thinking approach, with the future in mind for additional support and expansion capabilities, solving major limitations of existing and current in-plant communication solutions and going beyond traditional thinking with Hybrid Analog/Digital Technology.

Please contact Guardian Telecom for more information on the In2iT In-Plant Communications System and/or the Legacy Talk/Back System.

The Legacy Talk/Back System products are listed below for your convenience to access product specifications and information.


Legacy Talk/Back capability allows users to maintain handsfree communication during critical operations. Guardian’s Talk/ Back systems meet this demand with standard plus explosion proof versions. Master to single slave or multiple slave configurations are available in our non-hazardous models. From drilling operations right through to onboard ships and other specialized applications, Guardian Telecom Talk/Back systems can be tailored for specific functionality.


Product TypeExplosion Proof Station
Primary ApplicationHighest Hazardous Areas
Conditions and/or RatingClass I Division 1 and Class II Division 1 hazardous areas
Order No.P5986
Specific FeaturesExplosion Proof Talk/Back Station /120 VAC


Product TypeMulti Channel Amp
Primary ApplicationOutdoor/Indoor Industrial
Conditions and/or RatingRugged and Moderately Harsh Areas
Order No.P8600 | P8605 | P8601 | P8606 | P8602 | P8607 | P8603
Specific Features2 Channel: Master/Slave, Primary slave can be hands free | 2 Channel: Master/PTT Slave, Primary slave can be Push-to-Talk | 3 Channel: Master/2 Slaves, Primary slave can be hands free | 3 Channel: Master/2 Slaves, Primary slave can be Push-to-Talk [Primary being PTT] | 4 Channel: Master/3 Slaves, Primary slave can be hands free | 4 Channel: Master/3 Slaves, Primary slave can be Push-to-Talk [Primary being PTT] | 5 Channel: Master/4 Slaves, Primary slave can be hands free
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