Sound Studies

The acoustic environment is an important contributing factor to the continuous safety of personnel, distribution of important messages and normal day to day operations.

In industrial settings it can be critical to understand and respond to the complex and demanding sound situations with the installation and operation of the correct communications systems from paging equipment to speakers that will do the job. Understanding industrial acoustics requires skills that span many scientific and engineering disciplines.

Sound studies provide information that can be used to pinpoint current issues at an existing location or be used as a tool in the development of an acoustic plan for new sites.  Clarity, projection, reception, dissemination, desired sound and unwanted sound are all important factors that are taken into account.

Guardian technicians map and assess audio levels by monitoring and measuring existing onsite conditions and reviewing future plans.  From there they can make noise model projections and propose solutions using computer modeled sound processing techniques.

After conducting an on-site sound survey, accurate system design can ensure proper paging/emergency sound coverage to maintain safety requirements and cost-effective system implementation.