System Design

Each and every Page/Talk, Telephone, Talk/Back or PA/GA system, straight forward or complex, can be custom designed and built from the ground up to meet the client’s individual and unique needs.

Guardian Telecom can provide combined telephone, intercom and paging capabilities from a basic network to large complex networks. Our systems are compatible with most other manufacturers’ systems and our modular approach to system design provides the flexibility to set up systems based on what is exactly needed and the ability to integrate with existing equipment. Depending on the parameters of the project scope, for each System Project we can recommend the best solutions by taking into account the user’s location, how the equipment will be used, existing communication systems, applicable regulations, commissioning, servicing, expandability and ambient sound.

We also take into account environmental factors that users may encounter from hazardous areas to harsh and possibly corrosive environments to temperature, humidity and dust. With our Page/Talk Systems, an individual can be paged from any station and two or more persons can communicate on any available line (on multi-line networks). Up to Ten Zones can be supported using a Merge/Isolate Cabinet. Not only do our systems provide quality paging and communication functions but our Telephone Interface Units allow users to communicate with telephones outside of the system.

Speaker Amplifier Units allow the user to add extra speakers without the need for a Page/Talk Station. Alarm Tone Generators provide synthesized audio alarm signals for plant safety systems and can be programmed with strobe lights for additional warning in noisy environments.