Trouble Shooting – Common Problems

Incorrect Power Source

By far the most common problem is connecting the telephone to the wrong power supply. All telephones are to be connected to the telephone line. This line is not the same as standard building power of 120 volts.

If the telephone has been incorrectly connected, disconnect the line and consult the installation manual, sent with the phone, for proper connection instructions.

The manual also provides instructions on changing the telephone’s fuse.

Distance from Switch

If the telephone reception is very weak or the phone functions intermittently, it is likely that the unit has been installed too far from the switch (private branch exchange/PBX) or too many extensions have been installed on the line.

A maximum of five telephones may be installed on one line and the maximum distance from the switch to the telephone is 4.5 kilometres or 10,000 feet.

If more than five telephones have been installed on the line, the excess must be removed. Where the telephone is beyond the permitted distance, the unit must be installed closer to the switch or a power booster installed between the telephone and the switch.

Telephone Will Not Hang Up

In order to reduce the number of moving parts, subject to wear or damage, Guardian telephones are equipped with a magnetic reed hook switch.

a.  Model EXT-401

The EXT-401 contains a magnet midway between the ear and mouthpiece of the hand set. If the phone will not hang up, be sure the handset is fully in place on the cradle.

On occasion the hook switch may jam; passing a magnet across the top of the handset cradle should correct the problem. If the problem persists, follow the Return Materials Authorization procedure.

b.  Other Models

Other Guardian models, such as the WRT, SCT and WTT series contain magnets in the handset ear piece. If the handset is fully in place in the cradle and the phone remains off-hook, pass a magnet through the cradle. The hook switch should reset.

It is possible for the problem to be corrected and reoccur. Should this happen, the ear piece may be defective and should be returned following the Return Materials Authorization procedure.