Warranty – Repair

What is the Warranty coverage?

Guardian Telecom will repair or replace any defective unit that is under warranty.

This warranty covers bench repairs only; such repairs must be made at Guardian Telecom or an authorized service depot.

Guardian Telecom is not responsible for costs incurred for on-site service calls, freight, or brokerage.

This warranty is null and void if any non-authorized modifications have been made to this product, or if it has been subjected to misuse, neglect, or accident.

A return authorization must be obtained prior to warranty claims or repairs.

How long is the Warranty period?

One year.

When does a Warranty go into effect?

A Warranty goes into effect from date of invoice.

Are Guardian Hazardous Area telephones field serviceable?

Hazardous Area Class I Division 2 and Class II Division 1 telephones are field serviceable.

Explosion proof telephones are not field serviceable. Maintaining the safety approvals require an authorized technician to service Explosion Proof area telephones.

For instance, in the case of the EXT-401, its ability to contain an internal explosion is based solely on the integrity of the enclosure. Therefore, the back panel of the telephone must be properly attached after being removed.

What actions may null and void a warranty?

This warranty is null and void if:

Any non-authorized modifications have been made to this product, or if it has been subjected to misuse, neglect, or accident.

If the equipment has been installed improperly and instructions have not been followed.

Can all equipment be Field Repaired?

Field repairs may only be carried out on equipment that has been identified as field serviceable. If uncertain whether your product falls in that category you must check the product label or contact Guardian Telecom before proceeding.

Field repairs may only be carried out by qualified technicians using OEM parts

Substitution of parts voids warranty and may pose a hazard to users of the equipment.

What should I do if, without authority, someone opens the enclosure of a hazardous area telephone or accessory?

In all instances, refer to the user manual for the Explosion Proof device you are installing or contact Guardian Telecom immediately for assistance.

Manuals can be downloaded from individual Product web pages.

Opening the enclosure of the Explosion Proof area telephone has voided safety approvals; can I still use the telephone?

The telephone must be removed from the Class I, Division 1 hazardous area because it is unsafe. It can probably be repaired and receive a new safety certification, however, that requires the telephone be returned to Guardian.

What steps must be followed to have a telephone repaired?


Guardian Telecom repairs all of its telephones and accessories.

The following links provide information to help ensure timely and effective repairs directly at the Guardian Telecom manufacturing facility or an authorized repair depot.


Product and Warranty Return Policies – Return Policy, Repair Policy & Exchange Policy

On-Site Correction – confirming whether your product is User Serviceable or Factory Serviceable

RMA Procedure – obtaining a Return Materials Authorization number

Shipping Termsterms, documents and shipping addresses

Service & Feedback Factory Authorized Service and Return & Service Feedback


Still need RMA help? 

Call 1-800-363-8010 (toll free in North America), 1-403-258-3100 and ask to speak with the RMA department or send an e-mail to rmateststation@guardiantelecom.com