Public Address / General Alarm (PA/GA) Systems

High grade PA/GA Systems are essential for optimum day to day plant operation and critical to the protection of personnel, equipment and infrastructure.

High grade PA/GA Systems are essential for optimum day to day plant operation and critical to the protection of personnel, equipment and infrastructure.


Guardian Telecom designs, manufactures, supplies and commissions PA/GA Systems for use in uncompromising industrial environments.

Guardian Telecom’s PA/GA (Public Address/General Alarm) Systems are custom designed and built from the ground up, specifically for your application environment. Guardian has stayed away from creating base shelf systems which hardly ever meet the exacting specifications and flexibility that most projects demand.

Guardian can customize any PA/GA system as per end-users necessities or desires meeting critical demands for a well-performing and mission critical PA/GA system. What are the environmental factors that the site presents? What is the proposed schedule? Is there an existing system? Is there a need for a sound study? Are there plans for expansion and what options are available to the customer? These are just some of questions that may need to be considered on the road to a successful project.

Systems could involve central microphone/console paging source or blended with Guardian Telephone systems using a complete phone system to act as the paging source as well.  Guardian Telecom Page/Talk systems can also be interfaced and overlapped for augmentation or even redundancy back-up.

Provisions for feedback taming can be made via speaker interruption relays and/or central digital delay recorders.  Alarm signaling can be achieved by alarm tone generation and/or recorded speech messages for ultimate notification for plant safety.

Centralized amplification or remote network amplification capability and enhanced network amplification provides clear and effective communication coverage in Hazardous or Non-hazardous locations.

Addressable zones, loudspeaker groups and beacons make sure that messages and alarms are directed to the correct area as desired.

A Proven Track Record

Guardian Telecom PA/GA systems are already hard at work 24/7, 365 days a year in demanding environments at locations around the world from Saudi-Arabia to Singapore and South America to North America and beyond…
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PA/GA Systems

At the core of all Guardian PA/GA systems is the network controller which can control multi nodes and multiple audio channels. The system has multi amplifiers and alarm tones, multi zones and multiple speech paths.

Main system interfaces, amplifiers and related central electronics are typically housed in an industrial 19” rack.

System connections are via conventional cabling or Ethernet backbone interfaces are available via conventional CAT5 cable or Fibre optic links.

The system provides support for small systems and expansion up to 99 zones.

Guardian PA/GA systems can be married with field equipment including Guardian Telecom OEM endpoints, loudspeakers and acoustic booths along with other leading OEM products that enhance and compliment operations.

Open system design provides easy integration with third party amplifiers, alarm systems and signal devices.

Building the right system

  • Guardian Telecom’s design team works directly with the customer to provide custom systems suitable for their needs and the unique challenges faced in their industrial setting. Budgets, expectations, project scope, timelines and requirements come in different sizes and one package doesn’t fit all.
  • Guardian PA/GA systems are offered as a stand-alone system. Optionally, a hot standby amplifiers (N+1) system or a duplicated (A+B) system can be provided.
  • Guardian systems are designed to respond to any extensive regulations that the site is subjected too while providing the highest quality, safest, efficient and effective communications possible.
  • Adaptability, scale and ease of use are built into every custom built system, from a small stand-alone right up to large multi-matrix, networked systems.
  • High quality components are the key to system longevity and features such as a redundant system make implemented Guardian PA/GA systems that much safer and reliable for the long run.

Configuration & Operation

  • Configurations and operations can be accessed at the main rack.
  • UPS back up power can be integrated within the system.
  • Announcements and alarms are assigned an access priority to ensure important signals are given precedence in critical situations.
  • Optional handheld VHF or UHF or radio transceivers [walkie/talkies] with central base station can carry paging and communication (including telephony link) beyond conventionally wired system components for further flexibility and penetration into a facility for added safety and emergency response.
  • Coverage can be set so that broadcasts are clearly audible and/or visual in selected or broad coverage operating areas.

Download PA/GA Systems Brochure

PA/GA Systems can be custom designed to meet the communication needs of the user in relation to the required configuration and environmental conditions of the physical area they function in.

For individual product specifications see Guardian Telecom & OEM Product Data Specification Sheets. Contact a  Guardian Telecom Sales Representative for assistance when required.
Download PA/GA Systems Brochure

In our experience no two Communication Systems will be exactly the same and trying to force fit an off the shelf system to meet the actual needs of a user can limit its effectiveness of required functionality.

For optimum results we find it is important to work hand in hand with our clients to analyze their needs, project parameters and discuss the options that are available to meet them.

There are many questions that may need to be considered when developing a successful communication system such as:

  • What are the environmental and regulatory factors that the site presents?
  • What is the proposed schedule?
  • Is there an existing system?
  • Is there a need for a sound study (or other onsite inspections)?
  • Are there plans for expansion?
  • What options are available to the customer?

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