Page/Talk Systems

Guardian Telecom Page/Talk Systems are robust intercom and public address communication system providing users with reliable paging and party-line capabilities.

Guardian Telecom, designs, manufactures, supplies and commissions Page/Talk Systems for use in uncompromising industrial environments. Guardian’s optional Select Page/Talk system also features diagnostics for station and system cable status.

Designed and built from the ground up, Page/Talk Systems combine plant-wide or zone selected paging capability with single or five line intercom communication. Two or more operators can converse on any talk line without knowing extension numbers or special conference call setup codes. Zoned plant operation systems can be merged by the control room for emergency situations. Unrestricted conference call capability and unlimited system expansion without complicated re-configuration fulfill many user requirements in one simple but effective communication system.

Page/Talk Systems have stood up to the test of time and punishment from harsh and explosive environments. Explosion Proof – Class I Division 1 stations, Class II, Division 1 stations and Class I, Division 2 hazardous area stations are available for indoor and outdoor applications. Select models with ambient noise sensors provide clear communication in areas with high noise levels. System Components including Guardian’s own Merge Isolate Zone Control, PTTI Telephone Interface, Multi-tone Alarm Generator, Line Balance Assembly and Terminal Junction Box add versatility and control for Page/Talk, GAI-Tronics Page/Party® and other Third-Party systems.

Guardian Select Page/Talk system allows users to monitor system status via PC GUI interface that shows Page/Talk station (handset) response/control and system cable status.  It also has the ability to systematically separate zones/loops/subloops for easy and rapid trouble shooting that takes minutes instead of potentially taking days to trace in a large scale facility.

Manufactured to our exacting specifications, Guardian System Cable makes installation simple and straight forward while optimizing Page/Talk performance. Applications range from wire suitable for speakers, conducting power, Page/Talk Systems and other communication requirements. Guardian System Cable is available in standard or heavy duty armored jacked which can be installed in Class I/2, Division I/2 hazardous areas when used with approved connectors.

Page/Talk stations, cable and system components combined with loudspeakers, ringers, sounders, strobes & beacons and acoustic booths from Guardian and other leading manufacturers round out a robust, safe and reliable communication system. With the ability to interface with other phone or emergency systems Guardian Telecom Page/Talk Systems will enhance your current investment. Page/Talk systems and components can be also be implemented in existing installations using equipment from other manufacturers, providing for additional cost-effectiveness.

†Page/Party® is a registered Trademark of GAI-Tronics® Corporation. Any reference to GAI-Tronics® does not imply their endorsement of Guardian Telecom products.

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Page/Talk Station Features1

  • Explosion Proof – Class I Division 1, Hazardous Area Stations – Class I Division 2 and ruggedized analog stations are available
  • Single and five line models
  • Page from any station with a handset
  • Two or more persons can communicate on any available line
  • Page/Talk Systems are available in 120 VAC, 240 VAC, 24 VAC and 24 VDC.
  • System connections are via combined power and communications cable
  • System connections are via approved hardware
  • System connections are via system cable designed specifically for this purpose utilizing removable connectors to ease in the wiring process
  • Optional Fibre Optic linking for remote system connection
  • Integrates existing equipment
  • Modular architecture allows for easy replacement of circuitry modules as opposed to full stations
  • Interfaces with existing detection alarm and process control equipment (which should be specified at time of design to ensure functionality)


Page/Talk Component System Features1

  • Up to five zones are supported with the addition of a Merge/Isolate cabinet
  • The addition of a PTTI Telephone Interface allows users to communicate with the outside world using your existing telephone network infrastructure.
  • Speaker amplifier units provide the capability of adding extra speakers without the need for a Handset Page/Talk Station

1Refer to individual Guardian Telecom and OEM specification sheets for further information.


“Select” Page/Talk system

  • Page/Talk station handset monitoring (SPT station option) with ability to control handset on/off hook status.
  • Central switching junction boxes [CSJ] that allow main loop connection/disconnection.
  • Remote switching junction boxes [SJB] that allow subloop connection/disconnection.
  • System bus cable monitoring via end of line terminator unit [LET].
  • Standard Windows PC platform for Select GUI software application.

Download Page/Talk Systems Brochure

Page/Talk Systems can be custom designed to meet the communication needs of the user in relation to the required configuration and environmental conditions of the physical area they function in.

For individual product specifications see Guardian Telecom & OEM Product Data Specification Sheets. Contact a  Guardian Telecom Sales Representative for assistance when required.
Download Page/Talk Systems Brochure

In our experience no two Communication Systems will be exactly the same and trying to force fit an off the shelf system to meet the actual needs of a user can limit its effectiveness of required functionality.

For optimum results we find it is important to work hand in hand with our clients to analyze their needs, project parameters and discuss the options that are available to meet them.

These are many questions that may need to be considered when developing a successful communication system such as:

  • What are the environmental and regulatory factors that the site presents?
  • What is the proposed schedule?
  • Is there an existing system?
  • Is there a need for a sound study (or other onsite inspections)?
  • Are there plans for expansion?
  • What options are available to the customer?

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