Talk/Back Systems

Paging/Communication with Guardian Telecom’s Talk/Back system allows users to operate in PTT (Push-to-Talk) or hands-free model during critical operations.

They also allow selective talk/back addressing of up to 4 locations with the added feature of ring signaling from remote Talk/Back slave channels back to master location.

Guardian Telecom designs, manufactures, supplies and commissions Talk/Back Systems for use in uncompromising industrial environments. Guardian Telecom’s Talk/Back Systems are available using standard components for ruggedized environments and explosion proof components that are certified for use in Class I & II, Division 1 & 2 areas. From the demands of around the clock land based or offshore drilling operations right through to ships and specialized applications, Talk/Back Systems provide easy to operate, point to point communication with the versatility of PTT a hands-free slave speaker.

A post announcement tone can be programmed (internal) to indicate end of page from master station to the slave speaker. An optional switch can be wired at the slave speaker to activate a ring signal at the master station to request communication. Talk/Back Systems are designed for safe, reliable and cost-effective communication and can be tailored to your unique requirements using Guardian’s own Talk/Back amplifiers with quality speaker/switch components from leading manufacturers. With our modular approach to system design you have the flexibility to setup a Talk/Back system based on exactly what you need. Talk/Back components connect through common plugs and cable types for rapid and easy installation.

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Explosion Proof EXP-TBA Talk/Back Stations

  • Explosion Proof – Class I Division 1, Hazardous Area Stations – Class I Division 2 are available
  • PTT or Hands-free operation
  • Simple, safe & reliable communication
  • Only one station or amplifier required for master/slave(s) communication as unit contains both channels in one unit.
  • Utilizes explosion proof slave speakers (where applicable)
  • Modular architecture
  • Easy access volume control operators for both Master & Slave channels
  • Easy access volume control knobs for both Master & Slave channels
  • Easy to operate paging with the versatility of PTT or hands-free slave speakers
  • A post announcement tone can be programmed (internal) to indicate end of page from master station to the slave speaker
  • Attenuation of master speaker when paging to prevent feedback
  • System connections are via hazardous area rated hardware.  PTT slave channel can appear in the form of hand switch or foot switch.
  • System connections are via board mounted terminal strips.

EXP-TBA 2-channel Talk/Back Amplifiers are ideal for communication between the doghouse, drill floor and monkey board
Download Talk/Back Systems Brochure

Talk/Back Systems

Talk/Back Systems are typically custom designed to meet the communication needs of the user in relation to the environmental conditions of the physical area they broadcast in.

For individual product specifications see Guardian Telecom & OEM Product Data Specification Sheets. Contact a  Guardian Telecom Sales Representative for assistance when required.
Download Talk/Back Systems Brochure

In our experience no two Communication Systems will be exactly the same and trying to force fit an off the shelf system to meet the actual needs of a user can limit its effectiveness of required functionality.

For optimum results we find it is important to work hand in hand with our clients to analyze their needs, project parameters and discuss the options that are available to meet them.

These are many questions that may need to be considered when developing a successful communication system such as:

  • What are the environmental and regulatory factors that the site presents?
  • What is the proposed schedule?
  • Is there an existing system?
  • Is there a need for a sound study (or other onsite inspections)?
  • Are there plans for expansion?
  • What options are available to the customer?

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