Telephone Systems

Implementation of small to large Guardian Telecom Industrial PABX Telephone Systems allows internal and external communication via traditional telephone networks and VoIP protocol.

Telephone systems are created with specific end-user requirements for quantity of external trunk lines: CO, E1/T1 or VoIP and internal extensions: Analog (POTS), Digital (proprietary) or VoIP (SIP).

Voice mail packages and battery back-up are only a few of the additional features available to make any telephone system complete in today’s demanding industrial world.

With the addition of full featured OEM digital phone sets & cordless phone subsystems plus Guardian

Telecom’s own full-line of industrial telephones which include weather resistant, watertight, ruggedized industrial and explosion proof models, client demands are met or exceeded with Guardian turnkey PABX phone system solutions.

Internal telephones are connected within a business telephone network using a PBX which also connects them to a (PSTN) public switched telephone network, VoIP providers and SIP trunks.

Optional handheld VHF or UHF or radio transceivers [walkie/talkies] with central base station can carry paging and communication (including telephony link) beyond conventionally wired system components for further flexibility and penetration into a facility for added safety and emergency response

Guardian stays away from creating base “off the shelf” systems which hardly ever meet the exacting specifications and flexibility that most project demand. All Guardian Telecom’s Telephone Systems are designed from the ground up, based on the needs and requirements of a clients’ project.

Guardian Telecom designs, manufactures, supplies and commissions Telephone Systems for use in uncompromising industrial environments.
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Telephone Systems

  • Turnkey PABX telephone system solutions
  • Voice mail packages
  • Directly controllable from multiple telephone stations
  • Optional Fibre Optic linking for remote system connection
  • UPS battery back-up
  • Guardian’s has an extensive line of analog & VoIP telephones including Explosion Proof, Hazardous Area, Weather Resistant, Watertight and ruggedized Industrial models.
  • OEM digital phone sets and cordless phone subsystems from leading manufacturers
  • Rack mount
  • RITTAL and other quality racks

Download Telephone Systems Brochure

Telephone systems are created with specific end-user requirements for quantity of external trunk lines: CO, E1/T1 or VoIP and internal extensions: Analog (POTS), Digital (proprietary) or VoIP (SIP). Other requirements are based on additional needs for Voice Mail and/or UPS back-up facility.

For individual product specifications see Guardian Telecom & OEM Product Data Specification Sheets. Contact a  Guardian Telecom Sales Representative for assistance when required.
Download Telephone Systems Brochure

In our experience no two Communication Systems will be exactly the same and trying to force fit an off the shelf system to meet the actual needs of a user can limit its effectiveness of required functionality.

For optimum results we find it is important to work hand in hand with our clients to analyze their needs, project parameters and discuss the options that are available to meet them.

These are many questions that may need to be considered when developing a successful communication system such as:

  • What are the environmental and regulatory factors that the site presents?
  • What is the proposed schedule?
  • Is there an existing system?
  • Is there a need for a sound study (or other onsite inspections)?
  • Are there plans for expansion?
  • What options are available to the customer?

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