Merisa ButlerDirector of Sales & Marketing, Telecom

    Merisa Butler is Director of Sales & Marketing who provides strategic guidance and marketing support to the sales team at Guardian Telecom.

    Merisa joined Circa from Barnett Engineering in 20021 when Circa acquired Westronic Inc where she was principally responsible for manufacturing, procurement and scheduling since 2002. In 2019, she took on the added responsibility of sales with great success.

    Merisa sums up her success that led to her current role within Guardian like this, “Being on both sides, the customer side and vendor side has given me the ability to really understand the customer perspective and ensure I’m providing the same or better level of service that I expected as a purchaser.” Merisa knows what truly drives conversations with our customers is seeing things from their perspective.

    Merisa holds a Telecommunications Technologist Diploma from SAIT and an Electronics Technician Certificate from SAIT as well.

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