On an Asterisk-based VoIP SIP PBX system, the Guardian SIP Device status is “Busy” or “Unreachable”. I have set up both the Guardian VoIP SIP device and the PBX extension information for the device. I can see the device on the network, am able to PING it, and can bring up the device web page with a browser. However, when I try to call it from a phone extension, I see the word “Busy” or “Unreachable” in the Asterisk log.


In the PBX setup page for the extension of the Guardian device, find the Qualify= value and change it to NO. If the Qualify= value requires a numeric value, then change it to 0.

Note that on some Asterisk systems (such as Intuitive Voice) this value is called the Heartbeat= value. Set the Heartbeat= value to NO, and then save the settings.

Also, on the product’s SIP Setup page, make sure that the Register Expiration (minutes) setting is set to less than 6minutes (5 minutes is good) because it needs to be a value less than the Asterisk default value of 6 minutes. Save the settings, after changing the Register Expiration (minutes) setting.

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