Guardian Telecom is committed to ensuring all products are quality tested and in full working order when shipped. Should any product require return or service, please use our RMA process as follows to request an RMA Authorization Number.

Step I – Confirmation of Product Serviceability:

Use this link for product verification instructions: Link to On-Site Confirmation

Step II – Return Materials Authorization (RMA)

IMPORTANT: To fill out the RMA form, the form must be downloaded to your computer.

1. Please follow the instructions and complete the RMA form.
2. Once completed, the form can be returned by email (
3. On receipt of the form, a Guardian technical representative will review to determine any additional actions and issue an RMA number for your shipment and future correspondence.

Step III – Shipping Terms

All RMA items are to be shipped to and from Guardian Telecom or an authorized service depot, with freight (and brokerage if applicable) prepaid by the customer. Freight costs including brokerage if applicable) both to and from Guardian Telecom or an authorized service depot, are the sole responsibility of the customer.

An RMA number is valid for customer shipment to Guardian for 90 days.

The RMA number must be prominently marked on the return package label and all documentation returned with the telephone.

Where a telephone is being returned for repair from outside of Canada, customs documentation must show the telephones serial number, date of export [date of purchase], and a notation that the equipment is: Canadian goods returning.

To properly identify customers and expedite shipping in addition to the RMA number, shipping documents should include:

  • To/Recipient
  • Number
  • Street
  • City
  • Province/State
  • Country Postal/Zip Code
  • Tax ID Code

Still need RMA help? Call 1-800-363-8010 (toll-free in North America), 1-403-258-3100 and ask to speak with the RMA department or send an email to

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