On-Site Correction

Step I – On-Site Confirmation

Confirm whether your product is 1) User Serviceable or 2) Factory Serviceable

The first step in determining if your product is User Serviceable is to refer to your user manual. Secondly, if you still cannot determine if your product is User or Factory Serviceable contact Guardian Telecom.

WARNING: Do not attempt to open or repair a Factory Serviceable product as this will void the warranty if in effect. Most importantly it may cause irreparable damage, making your product in-operable and/or dangerously unsafe for the environment that it is regulated for.

NOTE: Guardians hazardous area telephones, such as the EXT-401 explosion proof telephone are NOT USER-SERVICEABLE. In the event of malfunction, after correct installation, these telephones must be returned to the manufacturers authorized service centre. The telephones must NOT BE OPENED by the user. Opening a hazardous area telephone voids the telephone’s warranty and safety approvals. Safety approvals are valid only when repairs are performed by a factory authorized service representative.

If you have determined that the unit is User Serviceable

The most common source of difficulties with a new telephone is an improper installation in one of two ways:

1) connection to an incorrect power source or 2) incorrect wiring connections.

1) Power Source

Connecting a telephone to a standard power source, rather than telephone power, will trip or burn-out the telephone’s internal, user-replaceable fuse. In the event of fuse burn-out, disconnect the telephone from the power source, replace the fuse, and reconnect following the appropriate wiring diagrams* or user manual located in the Support section on Guardian Telecom’s website.

2) Wiring Connections

Telephone wiring needs to be properly connected to the on-site wiring. Correct wiring instructions are illustrated in the appropriate wiring diagrams* or user manual located on Guardian Telecom’s website

*To request a wiring diagram for your product contact Guardian Telecom toll-free in North America at 1 800 363-8010, 403 258-3100, by fax at 403 253-4967 or by e-mail

If you have determined that the unit is Factory Serviceable

Follow the set of procedures for product return and repair that are described on the following pages.

Still need RMA help? Call 1-800-363-8010 (toll-free in North America), 1-403-258-3100 and ask to speak with the RMA department or send an email to

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