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The key to Guardian’s growth is our commitment to working closely with customers and responding to their needs, instead of trying to shoe-horn products that do no fit. In fact, the customization of products (modifying existing products, changing of color, graphics, features, parts or labeling) and the development of new products, has been one of the cornerstones of our customer focus which continues to this day.

Guardian’s expertise goes beyond the design and manufacturing of our own brand of phone equipment. We also design, install and commission paging and public address systems that can be found on land based oil rigs, marine drilling platforms, manufacturing plants, correctional facilities, mines and numerous other industrial sites that require specialized equipment.

Custom Product Design

At Guardian “Custom Design” is a pair of words with many meanings, from the modification of existing products to the use of color, graphics, features, parts or labeling right up to the development of new products. Our fully qualified network of representatives and distributors work directly with you to understand your requirements, interface with the Guardian design team to carry out an analysis and then recommend solutions to meet your needs.

Our design team prides itself on quick turns on 2D drawings and 3D models of concepts for customer validation, prior to manufacturing. 3D Models are supplied to customers in eDrawing format. You can download the edrawings application for free.

The cost of customization depends on design and manufacturing requirements, quantities and schedules. Estimates are always free. For details on custom options, contact a qualified Guardian Telecom Representative, Distributor or the Corporate Sales Team.

Commissioning Services

Guardian Telecom staff will perform start-up of the equipment, and can then make any necessary adjustments, tests and inspections to make sure that your equipment is in operable condition and meets the performance specifications according to the system plan and design function.


Make sure your personnel are using your communications equipment effectively so it is working efficiently now and for the future. At our corporate office, using the internet or a location of your choice, Guardian Telecom can provide qualified training of your personnel. Hands on demonstrations and presentations focus on equipment set-up, functions, product operation and system maintenance along with troubleshooting techniques.

Project Consultation

Every project has different requirements that should also be considered carefully from interim warehousing, transportation to remote locations, regulatory requirements, product weight and handling to schedules, installation, and cost. Some common questions to qualify a need for project consultation could be:

Which telephone will work best in our location?
Can we have our drawings analyzed so that we can plan early?
Will we need a sound study?
Do we have to replace our existing equipment?
Can we interface new equipment with existing equipment?
Which equipment will meet the regulations for this application?

Guardian’s team is here to make sure that you can make informed and knowledgeable decisions. We can discuss what you need in the present and what your organization is planning for the future. Guardian can review your terms of reference to make sure that all considerations have been addressed or help you to develop terms of reference if you don’t have the expertise.

Onsite consultations can be carried out when customers want a maintenance evaluation, or are faced with replacing or expanding existing communication equipment and systems. A building’s footprint, layout, space volume, construction materials and content will all have a bearing on system design and are all taken into consideration. Depending on a client’s needs and contract agreement, our service technicians may analyze current environments, future plans, develop sound plans and make system recommendations. Our trained service representatives have traveled the world to carry out site inspections and determine solutions, provide project consultation, installation, commissioning services and training.

Guardian Telecom’s representatives are here to help your design team. From providing initial background information to conceptual planning and estimates, product recommendations, analyzing your project objectives, phasing and risks, our qualified staff with their years of experience are here to work with you.

Sound Studies

In industrial settings it can be critical to understand and respond to the complex and demanding sound situations with the installation and operation of the correct communications systems from paging equipment to speakers that will do the job. Understanding industrial acoustics requires skills that span many scientific and engineering disciplines.

Sound studies provide information that can be used to pinpoint current issues at an existing location or be used as a tool in the development of an acoustic plan for new sites. Clarity, projection, reception, dissemination, desired sound and unwanted sound are all important factors that are taken into account.

Guardian technicians map and assess audio levels by monitoring and measuring existing onsite conditions and reviewing future plans. From there they can make noise model projections and propose solutions using computer modeled sound processing techniques.

After conducting an onsite sound survey, accurate system design can ensure proper paging/emergency sound coverage to maintain safety requirements and cost-effective system implementation.

System Design

Guardian Telecom can provide combined telephone, intercom and paging capabilities from a basic network to large complex networks. Our systems are compatible with most other manufacturers’ systems and our modular approach to system design provides the flexibility to set up systems based on what is exactly needed and the ability to integrate with existing equipment. Depending on the parameters of the project scope, for each System Project we can recommend the best solutions by taking into account the user’s location, how the equipment will be used, existing communication systems, applicable regulations, commissioning, servicing, expandability and ambient sound.

We also take into account environmental factors that users may encounter from hazardous areas to harsh and possibly corrosive environments to temperature, humidity and dust. With our Page/Talk Systems, an individual can be paged from any station and two or more persons can communicate on any available line (on multi-line networks). Up to Ten Zones can be supported using a Merge/Isolate Cabinet. Not only do our systems provide quality paging and communication functions but our Telephone Interface Units allow users to communicate with telephones outside of the system.

Speaker Amplifier Units allow the user to add extra speakers without the need for a Page/Talk Station. Alarm Tone Generators provide synthesized audio alarm signals for plant safety systems and can be programmed with strobe lights for additional warning in noisy environments.

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