What is Explosion Proof?


Explosion proof is essentially low tech. A great deal of the safety of explosion proof technology rests in the brute strength designed into the enclosure. Guardian’s EXT-401 Explosion Proof Telephone is housed in a flame-proof enclosure of cast, copper-free aluminum.

The enclosure has openings for wiring to pass through. Each opening is designed and constructed to block the passage of any gases from the interior. Similarly, the back plate is sealed and secured to maintain the explosion proof nature of the housing.

While it is unlikely, if the telephone’s operation or a fault were to create an arc or spark in the enclosure and ignite gases or vapors within the phone, any detonation is contained in the housing. Should gases escape they are cooled sufficiently that they are relatively harmless by the time they reach the outside.

Performance and features are not compromised due to the design of the telephone which operates at normal telephone voltages.

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