What is Weather Resistant?


Weather Resistant is an enclosure method that provides a high degree of protection from rain, snow, windblown dust, splashing and hose-directed water and is undamaged by external formation of ice.

“This type of enclosure provides a degree of protection to personnel against access to hazardous parts; to provide a degree of protection of the equipment inside the enclosure against ingress of solid foreign objects (falling dirt); to provide a degree of protection with respect to harmful effects on the equipment due to the ingress of water (rain, sleet, snow); and that will be undamaged by the external formation of ice on the enclosure.” 1

1Modified from a statement from the National Electrical Manufacturers Association Approved by NEMA Enclosures Section 1300 N. 17th Street, Suite 1752 Nov 2005 Rosslyn, VA 2220920, Nov. 2005

Guardian Telecom’s Knowledge Base provides a description of Enclosure Ratings including Guardian Telecom Enclosure Types & NEMA enclosure types.

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