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Why Westronic?

Our technology works. When your network or network infrastructure has issues, you need to know. Westronic RTUs have served the critical alarming needs of every major North American telecom company for the past 40 years. Our reliability and ease of installation and configuration are second to none and we stand by this by offering a lifetime of technical support

Westronic remote alarm monitoring and control solutions enable distributed notification via TL1, SNMP, web browser, pager or email. Other features include analog, discrete and serial alarm collection, and legacy protocol translation. Industry professionals recognize Westronic’s product line as being easy to install, operate and maintain, as well as being innovative and technically advanced.

WS 3500 WS 2200 WS 2000
Suitable for Non-Hazardous Areas Suitable for Non-Hazardous Areas Suitable for Hazardous & Non-Hazardous Areas

AC Range

The ACT and ACR Range of Analog and VoIP Telephones meet the demanding requirements of sites that are prone to abuse and inclement weather. 3R rated for moderately harmful and adverse areas. Housed in a locking or nonlocking aluminum enclosure, they are resistant to moisture dust and corrosive chemicals. Specially designed for outdoor environments.

CI Range

Guardian’s CI Range are rugged telephones designed to provide safe, reliable communication in Correctional locations prone to abuse and vandalism.

DT Range

The DTT and DTR Range provide safe, reliable communication in industrial areas that are prone to harsh non-hazardous environments, where standard phones are not suitable. The stylish highly durable weatherproof Type 4X, IP66 enclosure can be user configured for either desk or wall mount.

– Correctional Facilities
– Security/Information Areas
– Airport common areas & security
– Security Entry Access
– Industrial Parks
– Transit
– Refineries
– Power Generation Facilities
– Warehouses


Suitable for Non-Hazardous Areas Suitable for Non-Hazardous Areas Suitable for Hazardous & Non-Hazardous Areas

EX Range

Guardian’s EX Range are explosion proof equipment intended for use in the highest area classifications. These
products are designed and constructed to contain explosions within the equipment in Class I and Class II
Division 1 areas. Oversized buttons for gloves-on operation

FI Range

Guardian’s FIT-80 Food Industry Industrial Analog Telephone with stainless steel faceplate, teleseal covered metal keypad and curly handset cord offers maximum efficiency under extreme environmental conditions.

HD Range

Guardian’s HD RANGE Heavy Duty Emergency Industrial Telephones the Guardian HDE SERIES (Analog) and
HDE-V SERIES (VoIP) telephones provide a two-way link to emergency, access or information assistance through full-duplex phone transmission. A call may be initiated from the phone by pushing the button which routes the call to its assigned extension.

– Military & Munitions Facilities
– Explorations
– Aerospace/Launch Pads
– Food Processing Facilities
– Cement Plants
– Water Treatment Centers
– Parking Facilities
– Amusement Parks
– Universities
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