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Why Westronic?

Our technology works. When your network or network infrastructure has issues, you need to know. Westronic RTUs have served the critical alarming needs of every major North American telecom company for the past 40 years. Our reliability and ease of installation and configuration are second to none and we stand by this by offering a lifetime of technical support

Westronic remote alarm monitoring and control solutions enable distributed notification via TL1, SNMP, web browser, pager or email. Other features include analog, discrete and serial alarm collection, and legacy protocol translation. Industry professionals recognize Westronic’s product line as being easy to install, operate and maintain, as well as being innovative and technically advanced.

Company History

Founded in 1980, Westronic commenced the manufacture and sale of high quality telemetry remote terminal units (RTU) for the electrical power and supervisory control markets.

In 1982, Westronic’s reputation for quality and reliability had grown outside of its initial markets. The Company was approached by several telecom carriers to provide a solution to their monitoring requirements. By 1985, Westronic had provided RTUs for the first fiber optic system installed in Canada and had established itself as a key player in the North American telecommunications industry.

In 1992, Westronic was acquired by Harris Corporation and became a major contributor to the growth of the Harris Communications Group under the Harris banner.

Subsequently, Mediation Technology Corporation, a company located in Calgary, Alberta purchased the former Westronic division from Harris Corporation and commenced operations under the Westronic name.

Westronic is proud to have provided its products and services to every major telecommunications company in North America, as well as many others around the globe.


Product TypeVandal and Weather Resistant Enclosure
Primary ApplicationOutdoor/Indoor Industrial
Conditions and/or RatingRugged and Moderately Harsh Areas
Order No.P9062
Specific FeaturesBlue Light Emergency/Assistance Outdoor Help Point Pedestal (OGP-Series), 9' Free Standing Pedestal


Product TypeVandal and Weather Resistant Enclosure
Primary ApplicationOutdoor/Indoor Industrial
Conditions and/or RatingRugged and Moderately Harsh Areas
Order No.P9063
Specific FeaturesBlue Light Emergency/Assistance Outdoor Help Point Pedestal (OGP-Series), 9' Free Standing Pedestal


Product TypeHelp Point
Primary ApplicationEmergency, Correctional and Institutional
Conditions and/or RatingRugged and Moderately Harsh Areas
Order No.P6945
Specific FeaturesRecessed/Wall Mount/Single Emergency Call Button





Our rugged equipment is found in every corner of the world. Throughout every region of the world and across every industrial market, we provide the expertise, product and operational support necessary for success – now and in the future.

Whatever market, our ruggedized and highly certified equipment is there to help ensure safety, security and reliability for our customers.

Why Use Guardian Telecom

Harsh environments, extreme elements, critical infrastructure, and safety-critical and mission-critical applications call for rugged and reliable solutions. Guardian Telecom has the answer.

With our industry leading 5-year warranty, no one can match our workmanship and reliability. Guardian Telecom products are built from the ground up to work with unmatched reliability and last – even in the roughest weather, toughest applications and most extreme environments.

Simply put, Guardian Telecom products are built rugged, tough, and dependable to last in the harshest industrial conditions in the world. Our products are built for absolute reliability for maximum uptime.


Durability, strength, security, and reliability. Guardian Telecom stands behind its products with the industry’s very best warranty and support. We are very proud of that.


We deliver on our promises and you can rely on our recommendations. We have the people, the processes, the experience and pride of what we do. This ensures that we will achieve what we say we do.


Receive true rugged telecom expertise from Guardian Telecom. Our customers do not expect anything less. We are true to our products, our service, our people, our customers, and our word.

What Our Clients Say

Our reputation is our most valuable asset. By working with the best rugged telecom systems manufacturer, you obtain the best results. How do we know that? The best reason comes from our customers who say, “I get the best results when I work with Guardian Telecom”.

  • Guardian Telecom telephones have been installed in the Montreal Metro (Subway) for over 10 years. Their rugged design withstands the harsh environment of subway tunnels, platforms, technical rooms etc. They even adapted some of their telephones to suit the specific particularities of STM. Guardian Telecom have always offered an excellent service and their representatives are friendly and available to our requests/comments.

    Annie Bourgoin, ENG. Société de transport de Montreal (STM)
  • I have worked with Guardian Telecom for more than 15 years and during this time Guardian Telecom has offered me equipment of the best technology and quality available in the market.

    Guillermo Aviña Buendia ADIX de México S.A. de C.V.

Custom Solutions

The key to Guardian’s growth is our commitment to working closely with customers and responding to their needs, instead of trying to shoe-horn products that do no fit. In fact, the customization of products (modifying existing products, changing of color, graphics, features, parts or labeling) and the development of new products, has been one of the cornerstones of our customer focus which continues to this day.

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Guardian Telecom Ltd. provides the most advanced technical expertise, the finest hazardous and ruggedized telecommunications equipment, and the best operational support for its customers worldwide.

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