Return Policies

Product and Warranty Return Policies

All Guardian Telecom, telephones and paging equipment are quality tested prior to shipment from the factory and are in full working order when shipped.

Guardian warrants that its products are free from defective workmanship and materials. Guardian Telecom will, within three years from the date of final sale to the customer, replace or repair such products provided they are returned to our facilities for examination.

This warranty does not extend to any items that are deemed to have been misused, modified, neglected, improperly specified, improperly installed, or used in violation of instructions or specifications approved by Guardian Telecom.

Any product returned requiring warranty service, repair, or credit must reference a Returned Materials Authorization number (RMA #) which must be obtained from the manufacturer prior to the customer shipping a product to our facilities.

Return Policy

  • No returns without the prior written consent of Guardian Telecom.
  • Merchandise returned for credit will be subject to a restocking charge.
  • Only merchandise in the original factory sealed cartons will be accepted and only if returned on a prepaid basis.
  • Brokerage, if applicable, is the responsibility of the customer.
  • If merchandise is returned and found to have been opened, used, and/or broken, the goods will be returned to the customer (collect) and payment in full will be immediately due.
  • If Guardian Telecom has provided you with non-standard or third party equipment, no returns will be allowed.
  • No returns will be accepted after ninety (90) days.

Repair Policy

The manufacturer shall repair equipment out of warranty on a service-charge-plus-parts basis.

  • To return products for repair, you must first obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number from Guardian Telecom’s Technical Service Department.
  • All RMA items to be shipped to and from Guardian Telecom or an authorized service depot with freight (and brokerage if applicable) pre-paid by the customer.
  • After an RMA number has been issued, it is valid for customer shipment to Guardian Telecom for 90 days.
  • The RMA number must be prominently marked on the returned package.
  • Upon receipt of the goods in need of repair, Guardian Telecom’s Technical Support Department will contact you within five (5) working days to provide a quotation on the cost (if applicable) of the repair.

Exchange Policy

  • No exchanges without the prior written consent of Guardian Telecom.
  • If replacement (exchange) product is required, it shall be shipped in the most expedient manner consistent with the urgency of the situation and authorized by the customer.
  • No returns without the prior written consent of Guardian Telecom.
  • Freight costs are the responsibility of the customer.

Product Return and Repair Procedures

In the unlikely event of a malfunction, Guardian follows a set of procedures for product return and repair that are described on the following pages.

Still need RMA help? Call 1-800-363-8010 (toll-free in North America), 1-403-258-3100 and ask to speak with the RMA department or send an email to

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