PSA In2it

Product TypeIndoor Speaker Amplifier Station
Primary ApplicationPSA Page/Talk Speaker Amplifier Station gives you the capability of adding extra speakers without the need for a paging station.
Order No.P6724 | P6725 | P5576
Specific FeaturesPage Speaker Amplifier In2It Intdoor Station | Page Speaker Amplifier In2It Outdoor Station | Page Speaker Amplifier In2It EX-Zone 1 Station


Product TypeIndoor Station
Primary ApplicationPTD In2iT SERIES Page Talk Deskset station provides easy to operate paging with five talk lines.
Order No.P6724 | P6725 | P6731
Specific FeaturesPage Speaker Amplifier In2It Intdoor Station | Page Speaker Amplifier In2It Outdoor Station | In2iT Page/Talk Desk Set Station


Product TypeOperator Access Panel
Primary ApplicationThe Operator Access Panel (OAP) is the software platform to monitor, control, alarm and configure the Guardian Telecom In2iT In-Plant Communications Platform (PAGA & Page/Talk Systems).
Order No.P9011 (includes P6729) | P9012
Specific FeaturesOptional - Operator Access Panel (Includes 15 PPC-Q170IX (or equivalent) & P6729 PTD Handset Endpoint | Operator System Software License


Product TypeEnhanced Interface Module
Primary ApplicationThe Enhanced Interface Module (EIM) is a small multi-function Interface module that is the ideal endpoint for interaction with 3rd party devices.
Order No.P9014 | P9015
Specific FeaturesEIM Module (General Locations) | EIM Module (IECEx Zone 2 Locations)


Product TypeFiber Interface Manager
Primary ApplicationThe FIM converts Page/Talk signals (audio and data) into a digital format that can be transmitted via an SFP device module.
Order No.P6719 | P6720 | P008189
Specific FeaturesBack Chassis 1-12 zones | End Point Unit (includes rack mount kit) | Fiber Interface Module


Product TypeAlarm Interface Manager
Primary ApplicationThe AIM Manager provides continuous monitoring of alarm or other device inputs and reports triggers to the SCF for alarm or message broadcast.
Order No.P6701 | P008079 | P008316
Specific FeaturesAlarm Interface Manager | Replacement Module | Logic Adapter | 24V DC Power Supply available


Product TypeCentral Paging Amplifier
Primary ApplicationGuardian Telecom’s Central Paging Amplifiers provide mass notification PAGA and Hybrid Page/Talk Systems
Order No.P8201 | P8202 | P8203
Specific Features4 Channel, 400W Amplifier | 4 Channel, 1600W Amplifier | 2 Channel, 3200W Amplifier


Product TypeSystem Control Frame
Primary ApplicationThe In2iT system is designed to provide in plant communications, paging and alarm monitoring in harsh environments that are subject to moisture, dust and corrosive chemicals
Order No.P9049
Specific FeaturesIn2iT Primary Cabinet (Includes System Control Frame)


Product TypeAmplifier replacement
Primary ApplicationOutdoor/Indoor Industrial
Conditions and/or RatingRugged and Moderately Harsh Areas
Order No.P5504 | P5505
Specific FeaturesAmplifier module, ambient noise sensor on faceplate | Amplifier module